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Puerto Morelos installs tropical season operating committee

Puerto Morelos, Q. R.  — Mayor Blanca Merari Tziu Muñoz says the municipality has installed an Operating Committee for the Rainy Season and Tropical Cyclones of 2023.

She says the committee will allow the preventive security protocols to be implemented, for a effective timely attention to possible contingencies.

“This event is one more example of responsibility and prevention through coordinated tasks, for the benefit of the population of our municipality. The sum of efforts is key in this type of task, so for this reason I am very grateful for the participation of the different levels of government in this committee,” she said.

“In Puerto Morelos we are on the right path, that of the implementation of strategies aimed at the security and stability of citizens through the sum of wills. Together, we will have the best results,” she said.

During the meeting, Guillermo Morales López, Municipal Coordinator of Civil Protection, explained that the Specialized Committee is chaired by the Mayor, and is headed by a General Coordinator, José de Jesús Espinosa Payán, who is the General Secretary of the City Council.

Morales López says that Sedena, the Navy and the City Council are permanent advisors, which incorporates the delegation of Leona Vicario and the sub-delegations of Central Vallarta and Delirios.

“There are 12 specialized subcommittees that are in charge of establishing the specialized information that the Mayor will receive and that will be based on the work that the subcommittees do in their structure and base,” he said.

City Council menber, José Luis Jonathan Young, explained that prior logistical work has been carried out and that there is a team of 400 collaborators, 350 operational and 50 administrative.

The Municipal Secretary of Public Safety and Traffic, Alfredo Valdez de León said that “we will maintain close coordination with state and federal authorities in case support is required in vulnerable places, as well as double surveillance before, during and after the passage of any phenomenon to inhibit crime situations.”

The Atlantic hurricane season runs until the last day of November.