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Puerto Morelos gets ready for the rains with the official arrival of hurricane season

Puerto Morelos, Q.R. — The municipality of Puerto Morelos has begun preventative work with the official arrival of the 2024 hurricane season.

As part of the actions to face the 2024 Rainy and Tropical Cyclone Season, the government of Puerto Morelos, through the General Directorate of Public Services, is carrying out preventive cleaning work on sewers and absorption wells.

José Luis Chacón Cool, head of the agency, reported that even though these tasks are carried out year round, a deep cleaning is done in the 120 wells around the municipality prior to the rains.

The work is being done in both Puerto Morelos and the Leona Vicario Delegation.

The official explained that Public Services collaborators are organized into three crews of  four people each who remove the accumulated mud for greater fluidity of rainwater.

They also separate inorganic garbage such as plastics and other materials to avoid severe flooding on the roads. If a well is detected to be clogged, it is scheduled to be cleared, he said.

“We have made tours along roads such as Zetina Gasca, Timón, Joaquín Hendricks and the side of federal highway 307, which are the ones with the greatest vehicle circulation in the municipal seat, in addition to Ramón, Maculich, Chechén and Kitanché, as well as the roads of Leona Vicario.

“With these cleaning projects, we also prevent stagnant water from deteriorating the roads in addition to helping to prevent accidents,” he explained.

Puerto Morelos road drains are being cleared ahead of the rainy season. Photo: June 3, 2024.

José Luis Chacón reported that this season the actions to remove plant trash and clean parks and gardens are reinforced since the fall of tree leaves is one of the main sources of sewer obstruction.

He says the Directorate in his charge also responds to calls from citizens about branches that may be touching electrical wiring lines or old trees that may represent a risk to roads or people’s safety.