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Puerto Aventuras to vote in first ever mayor

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — Solidaridad City Council has approved a modification that will allow Puerto Aventuras to have its own mayor. Last week, members of city council voted in favor of modifying the Internal Regulations of the City Council and its Regulations for Elections.

With this modification, the town of Puerto Aventuras, which belongs to the municipality of Solidaridad which is currently headed by mayor Lili Campos, will have it’s own mayor, office and budget.

The approval for the modification came after the council voted 13 in favor of and three against. Elections for a mayor must be called by March 31 of 2022. Dozens of Puerto Aventuras residents attended the meeting in the company of Delegate Tomás Flores Benítez.

For this new approval, as of January 1, Tomás Flores Benítez will assume the position as interim, having the possibility of participating in the elections for mayor. After the approved vote, Campos said that with a mayor, the town will have greater autonomy and strengthen its administrative and management capacity with municipal authorities.

The town of Puerto Aventuras has a population of 40,000 and spans an area of 2.4 hectares. The vote was part of the campaign commitment made by Campos earlier in the year to residents of Puerto Aventuras.

“We are paying off a historic debt with the inhabitants of Puerto Aventuras, which meets the requirements to have a mayor. However, many governments passed that always treated this town as the backyard of Playa del Carmen, but today that is over.

“If what had always been lacking for this was political will, it is time to show that it exists and is at the service of all Puerto Aventuras residents,” said the mayor.

As of January 1, the new office will be made up of interim mayor Delegate Tomás Flores Benítez, as well as a treasurer and two councilors. Within 90 days, they must generate the conditions to hold elections.