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Puerto Aventuras group request intervention in restricted beach access

Puerto Aventuras, Q.R. — A group of Puerto Aventuras locals have reached out to the municipal president for help regarding restricted beach access.

The group says the trust that manages the Puerto Aventuras development is preventing access to locals who have not paid their “passport” or card that proves that their maintenance is covered, an action that those affected consider illegal, since they say, the development is not 100 percent private.

The group appeared at the entrance booth where they requested the intervention of municipal president, Laura Beristain Navarrete, who did arrive to listen to the arguments of both parties.

A settler, speaking on condition of anonymity, recalled that the subdivision is not private, which is why the previous settler association could not close the beach access to defaulters as requested by Román Rivera Torres, developer of the complex.

“We made a call for help to the municipal president who is now in the community,” the anonymous speaker said. “We think that with the new government things can change because it does not have the same influences as before.”

Restricted beach access has become a common issue along the coast with municipal heads and government officials attempting to find solutions to problems from previous administrations, the latest of which is the restricted access at Playacar Phase I along what the city says, is a public road.