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Proyecto AAk Mahahual reports first sea turtle nests of season

Mahahual, Q.R. — An environmental group in Mahahual has reported on the first sea turtle nests. Members of the group Proyecto AAk Mahahual A.C. began night tours toward the end of April, finding the flipper marks left behind in the sand of at least one nesting attempt.

“Very happy to be able to make the first record of a Loggerhead Turtle nesting attempt. We began monitoring and surveillance activities in coordination with authorities, residents and volunteers. Help us help and conserve the sea turtle,” they posted on their Facebook page.

The following night on April 29 during another sea turtle nest search members ran into a young crocodile. The juvenile reptile paid no attention to the group who quickly filmed him enjoying the cool sargassum.

Photos: Proyecto AAk Mahahual A.C.

However on their next post May 6, Proyecto AAk Mahahual A.C. announced the discovery of three loggerhead sea turtle nests.

Photos: Proyecto AAk Mahahual A.C.

“Thank you for helping us and making this possible. We already have three Loggerhead (Caretta caretta) nests this season. Thank you for helping us clean, guard and monitor nesting beaches. Help us help and conserve the sea turtle,” they wrote May 6 in reference to the May 5 night discovery.

On April 27, the group lead a beach clean on known sea turtle nesting areas of Mahahual. They reported collecting over 300 kilos of solid waste.

Photos: Proyecto AAk Mahahual A.C.

“Last Saturday, April 27, the second beach cleanup was carried out on sea turtle nesting beaches and 300 kilos of solid waste were collected. Thanks to all the volunteers who make this possible. Help us help and conserve.”

Sea turtle nesting season runs May to September along the coasts of Quintana Roo.