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Progress being made on regularizing invaded Tulum lands

Tulum, Q.R. — Progress is being made on legalizing more than 50 properties in Tulum. José Alberto Alonso Ovando, the Director of the Quintana Roo Strategic Projects Agency (Agepro), says advancements have been made with the occupied invaded lands.

“The regularizations of lands that are occupied incorrectly are advancing on state land and private land. As the state government, we are carrying out a regularization program,” he said.

He explained that the first step was to create a program that grants facilities to people on these lands who want to regularize them. Now that the program has been created, around 50 plots of land in Tulum invasions zones are in the regularization process, he said.

“We are getting a response. Little by little we are moving forward. That is the measure. What we do is market the properties that families are occupying today on state land.

“The other measure with private individuals who own the invaded land has been to approach them so that they sell the land to Agepro or agree to market to those who are occupying the properties,” he said.

He said since they began the campaign, approximately 50 lots are in the process of regularization. He said they have 64 more identified in which there are no families but rather businesses.

Alonso Ovando said that people invading those lands are without proper electricity, drinking water and sewage. He said since they are considered irregular, they are not connected to the municipal system and use clandestine systems instead.

Those areas also lack other basic services such as roads and street lighting, which can lead to higher rates of crime.

“Regularization gives us the certainty that the areas that are not regularized can enter the municipal regularization in the future to introduce public services and combat other issues that occur in the irregular areas and affect society,” he explained.