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President says no curfew for Mexico, DN-III Plan instead

Mexico City, Mexico — President Andrés Manuel López Obrador is preparing the activation of the country’s DN-III Plan to deal with the crisis unleashed by the coronavirus, while announcing that there will be no curfew implemented in Mexico.

He explained that he will not set a curfew like some other countries have done, adding that there is pressure of all kinds for the federal government to “close the airports, shut everything down, that is, to paralyze the economy.”

“Imagine, with curfews! … I respect the decision that is made in other countries, but we do not need that. We are building an authentic democracy. If it is needed I will come here not only in the morning, but in the afternoon if there is something urgent, and here you and I speak,” he said.

During his morning press conference he said, “We have medical advice. Of course we are concerned about the situation and we have to attend to it, but also the other thing is to act responsibly and that is why a plan was created.”

This emergency plan, in which the Armed Forces will participate, is specifically oriented in the field of health using the experience of military doctors.

“We are acting responsibly and you should not fall into fear. Let us not lose our cool. Here is a government that protects the people. It is no longer the time of before, of irresponsible rulers who took advantage of circumstances like this to steal, to make unnecessary purchases.

“The most important thing is that we are medically prepared. We have a patient care plan, the spaces, enough beds in health centers, in hospitals, the necessary medications and, if required, a DN-III Plan which is being prepared for this purpose. We will count, as they have always done, on the support of the Army, the Navy, all their medical personnel and their facilities,” he explained.

During the morning conference, the Undersecretary of Health Hugo López-Gatell said that despite the first coronavirus-related death, the virus will not escalate to the second phase of containment.