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Portable water trucks sent to restore Holbox water supply

Holbox, Q.R. — Portable water trucks were sent to refill the water supply on the island of Holbox Monday after residents were days without. Residents on the island of Holbox continued without a fresh water supply from the mainland after the underwater line was damaged due to the passing of Hurricane Grace last week.

CAPA personnel spent the weekend making repairs. Faced with the shortage of drinking water on the island of Holbox, Governor Carlos Joaquín instructed an immediate deployment of water trucks to reestablish fresh water service to homes.

In coordination with the Government Secretariat, the Drinking Water and Sewerage Commission, the Mobility Institute and the Aguakán and ICA companies, six portable trucks were sent to the CAPA pumping station in the community of Kantunilkín from where fresh water was sent to the island.