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Port of Puerto Morelos security wall damaged in 2020 hurricane season, replaced

Puerto Morelos, Q.R. — A security fence that was damaged during the 2020 hurricane season has been replaced in Puerto Morelos. The state government reports the 1.7 million-peso boundary replacement at the town’s maritime terminal.

The new security wall includes 160 meters of hurricane-resistance fencing. The two-meter high wall suffered a great deal of damage during the last hurricane season, specifically in the month of October when the region was dealt a tropical storm and two hurricanes.

Alicia Ricalde Magaña, the general director of APIQROO, says the new fencing, which was built using PVC pipes filled with concrete and reinforced barbed wire and security concertinas, will be in a position to have greater resistance to the climatic shocks of the area.

She says the project was constructed with their own resources adding “It is a project that will also provide greater security to the site that is part of the ports that the state-owned company operates in the state.”