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Police evict potential invaders eyeing up unused land

Felipe Carrillo Puerto, Q.R. — Nearly two dozen police officers responded to an attempted land invasion in the municipality of Felipe Carrillo Puerto Friday, ensuring the would-be settlers left.

The officers arrived on the site of land where dozens of people had been scouting the area for several days. Their arrival came after nearby residents reported seeing groups of the potential invaders repeatedly returning to the area.

According to Eustaquio Pech Ku, head of Territorial Investigation of the Vice Prosecutor’s Office of the Central Zone, the unused land, which legally belongs to la Universidad de Quintana Roo, was protected by a judicial order since the University of Quintana Roo had already formally filed a lawsuit with the State Attorney General’s Office after more than a hundred people invaded the property.

The invaders explained that they had earmarked the land for their own personal living space, having already named it Andrés Manuel López Obrador (neighborhood) after Mexico’s president.

Police remained on site until the invaders left, after which, they cordoned off the property. There were no arrests.