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Police continue hunt for Puerto Aventuras man who set girlfriend on fire

Puerto Aventuras, Q.R. — UPDATED: Solidaridad officers continue their hunt for a Puerto Aventuras man who set his girlfriend on fire. The incident happened Friday night when the couple began to argue.

In the course of an evening of drinking, the pair found themselves in a heated argument. In response, the unidentified man is alleged to have left the Bellavista home, returning around 11:00 p.m. to douse his girlfriend in gasoline before lighting her on fire.

He then drove away. Police located the man’s vehicle the following day, but not the man. His old-model SUV was located parked outside a small shopping area of Puerto Aventuras. The woman remains hospitalized in serious condition with extensive burns.

UPDATE: Jessica “N”, the woman doused in gasoline and set on fire has died. She was admitted to Playa del Carmen hospital late Friday night with third degree burns to 70 percent of her body. The 38-year-old woman died in hospital Tuesday afternoon.