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Pemex gas station in Quintana Roo noted as the fifth most expensive in the country

Lazaro Cárdenas, Quintana Roo — As of January 7, the national average for regular gasoline was 20.82, while premium rang in at 22.79 and diesel, 21.97 peso per liter. There is one Pemex gas station in Quintana Roo that, for two consecutive weeks, has topped the most expensive list.

The head of the Federal Consumer Prosecutor’s Office, Ricardo Sheffield Padilla, reported that for the highest profit rates by brand and by region, Mérida registered the lowest price for regular gasoline at 20.19 per liter.

The lowest price for premium was recorded in Mazatlán at 21.89 and for diesel, in Culiacán, Sinaloa at 20.99 a liter. According to the weekly report Who’s Who in Fuel Prices, the national average price for regular gasoline was 20.82 peso per liter, while the national average for premium was 22.79 and diesel, 21.97.

The head of Profeco said that most gas stations in the country sell fuel at the national average price, but that some charge more, while many others charge below the national average.

Sheffield said that during the weekly verification between December 31 and January 6, 308 complaints were received through the Liter per Liter app. Of those, 158 complaints were verified with on-site visits. He said of those, two gas stations were found to have liter-to-liter irregularities. For that reason, both pumps were shut down.

He added that the Procuraduría Federal del Consumidor (Profeco) found by brand, Redco, Lagas and Akron topped the list with the highest average prices, while the lowest gas prices were recorded with Exxon Mobil, Rendichicas and Orsan.

He also said that at least one gas station in Quintana Roo was noted for not respecting the established prices of fuel. For the second week in a row, Sheffield announced that a Pemex gas station in Lazaro Cárdenas continues to charge the highest price for regular fuel at 22.66 peso a liter.

That particular gas station, he said, ranks the fifth highest for regular fuel prices in the country. The municipality of Lazaro Cárdenas is home to popular tourist towns including Chiquilá and Holbox.