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Pemex announces 104 confirmed cases of coronavirus, 13 deaths among workers

Mexico City, Mexico — Petróleos Mexicanos (PEMEX) has reported 1,142 registered suspected cases among its workers adding that 382 diagnostic tests have been performed with which 278 cases have been ruled out and 104 confirmed.

The company says 17 were discharged, 42 are still in home isolation, 19 are hospitalized in an isolated ward, 13 are in intensive care and that there have been 13 deaths, of which nine occurred in retirees, three in their relatives, and a worker who was absent from their work due to medical incapacity for reasons other than COVID-19.

In a statement, the company says Pemex regrets the death of people affected by this disease and reiterates that through its health services, it continues to implement a comprehensive prevention model to minimize the spread of COVID-19 between the oil community and its beneficiaries.

Pemex says they have implemented thermal imaging cameras in order to manage risks of contagion inside the facilities located in marine facilities as well as control the transport of personnel and food in its maritime and air transport terminals and sanitizing, among others.

The company says through these protocols, an orderly and systematic response is made in the handling of suspected and confirmed cases that are detected by the PEMEX Medical Services, both in the control points implemented in the transport rooms for personnel by sea, air and land, as well as in offshore housing areas and administrative centers.