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Othón P. Blanco mayor confirms 3 officials suspended for nepotism

Othón P. Blanco, Q.R. — Otoniel Segovia Martínez, the mayor of Othón P. Blanco, has confirmed the suspension of three city council members after allegations of nepotism.

Segovia Martínez says the three suspended officials are Daniel Jiménez Cruz, Elías Rueda López and Miguel Osorio Velázquez, three of whom will remain suspended while the municipality investigates the complaints filed for nepotism and irregular performance of the public service.

The three held the municipal positions of senior officer, director of municipal public service and director of human resources. He says the office has initiated an investigation against them, and if found guilty, they will be separated from their positions.

He added that as the investigations progress, the senior officer position is now headed by Álvaro Canché Novelo, the Human Resources Department is now under the command of Celso Genaro and the Municipal Public Services Department of Josué Ramírez.

In November of 2018, five councilors filed a complaint for nepotism against the municipal president Hernán Pastrana and four municipal officials. The complaint was filed by councilors Cintia Millan Estrella, Julio Velázquez, Manuel Valencia Cardín, Manuel Martínez and María Hadad Castillo who detailed that the officials hired at least half a dozen family members, mainly brothers and cousins, into the municipal administration.

During the duration of the investigation, the three officials will receive 30 percent of their salaries. The process could take several months to conclude.