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Othón P. Blanco deals with five forest fires this season

Othón P. Blanco, Q.R. — In the last three months, municipal authorities in Othón P. Blanco attended to five forest fires in various communities that have consumed approximately 300 hectares.

Guillermo Núñez Leal, the State Coordination of Civil Protection, said the fires were the results of clandestine garbage dumps, grasslands and low jungle burning.

The fires were attended to by State Civil Protection in coordination with the Othón P. Blanco Fire Department. With the official end of the state’s forest fire season, Leal reported that the fires this year were in the communities of Xul-Ha, Huay-Pix, Laguna Guerrero and one in the Pelicanos neighborhood of the city of Chetumal.

More than 300 hectares burned around the municipality. Photo: CGC June 6, 2024

In total, the five fires consumed more than 300 hectares of municipal land.