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One dead five rushed to hospital in head-on two vehicle highway crash

Felipe Carrillo Puerto, Q.R. — A woman was killed Sunday evening after a two vehicle crash in Felipe Carrillo Puerto. Emergency responders from the communities of Chunhuás and Betania were sent to the scene where they located one dead and five injured.

The accident happened around 5:30 p.m. Sunday when the vehicles are reported to have collided head on. The highway was shut for several hours due to the severity of the accident.

Ambulances were requested to transport three of the five to hospital. Two others were driven to hospital in a private vehicle.

Motorists who witnessed the accident reported seeing one of the cars invade the oncoming lane which lead to the deadly head-on crash. A woman from inside the white Spark was pronounced dead at the scene. Two others from inside the car were seriously injured.

The front end of the Spark was totaled in the collision. The second vehicle, a Versa, was also heavily damaged and its occupants taken to hospital in serious condition.

A woman from inside the Spark was killed in the head-on highway crash. Photo: April 21, 2024.

Part of the evidence collected by police from the crash site were beer cans that were found ejected from the white Spark car upon impact. At least three aluminum beer cans were collected from the highway at the rear of the car along with other debris.