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Official complaint filed against Playa del Carmen mayor on allegations of voter influencing

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — An official complaint has been lodged against Playa del Carmen’s Laura Esther Beristaín Navarrete after an allegation of voter influencing. The complaint was filed by PRI member Andrés Hernández Pérez, who claims the head of Solidaridad was offering the pantries in exchange for votes.

The allegations began earlier in the week when a truck loaded with 300 food pantries from the Yantra Foundation were delivered to the home of a member of Beristain’s campaign around 9:30 p.m After the pantries were unloaded onto the Villas del Sol street, neighbors called police, who arrived to investigate.

On Thursday, an official complaint was filed based on article 9, section VIII of the General Law on Electoral Crimes for the crime of “request for pay or reward, in the preparation stage of the election for the 2021 electoral process.”

During his Friday morning press conference, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador acknowledged the incident, saying that they received a report from the Attorney General’s Office, which indicates the case is being attended to by a judicial body.