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Northern region records Coronavirus figure increase warns governor

Cancun, Q.R. — Four areas of Cancun are among those with a registered increase in Coronavirus cases. State governor Carlos Joaquin continues with his warning about reverting back to an orange epidemiological light, but not for the southern region.

In his latest update, Joaquin pointed out that now, it is the northern region that has registered an increase in Coronavirus cases and not the southern region as before. He explained that after authorities reinstated several strict protocols for the south, their figures decreased.

Currently, the southern region of the state has fallen below one for risk-of-contagion and is moving forward with a hospitalization occupation rate of less than 20 percent.

Now, he says, it is the northern region experiencing an increase in figures, noting the risk of contagion has grown to 1.02 percent, which has raised hospital occupancy rates to over 24 points. He says this is worrying and can lead to a revert back to an orange epidemiological light.

He announced that for the upcoming week of January 11 to 17, the entire state will remain yellow, but with different variants. He added that there are five colonies increasing the northern contagion figures, four are in Cancun and one in Isla Mujeres.

Joaquin also mentioned that during the first stages of the vaccine program, which is set to begin next week, the federal calendar dictates that doctors, nurses, interns, radiologists, orderlies, cleaning staff, ambulances and medical assistants, all front-line health personnel from both public and private institutions, will be the first to be vaccinated.

On Thursday, Joaquin gave an interview where he expressed the possibility of adding the state’s tourism service providers to the federal calendar, including them as priority personnel.