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Nine arrested after judicial order issued for Croco Cun property

Puerto Morelos, Q.R. — In response to a jurisdictional order, Quintana Roo Police officers arrived at property located along the Cancun-Puerto Morelos highway known as Croco Cun. Once inside, police arrested nine of 10 people found on the property. The men were arrested for the damage and mistreatment of wildlife.

On Thursday morning, Quintana Roo State Police recovered the facilities of the Croco Cun Zoo that had been taken over by the group since February 19.

Through a press release, it was reported that on March 18, a suspension granted by the Fifth District Judge in the State of Quintana Roo was complied with, obtaining access to the property and carrying out the arrest of those inside.

The president of the Association of Zoos, Hatcheries and Aquariums of Mexico, Ernesto Zazueta, reported the death of several animals and the poor condition of those that remain.

“We would like to say that we are happy because the authorities finally reacted and the Croco Cun property was recovered, but unfortunately, as we warned, there are some dead animals including crocodiles.

“We are waiting for the Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection (Profepa) to come and carry out an official and meticulous review of the state of health of all the wild fauna that was kidnapped and a detailed count of the dead specimens,” he explained.

“For now, it is important to know that specialists from the zoo and AZCARM have already entered to attend to the animals that have been very mistreated and obviously malnourished,” said Zazueta adding that he was surprised by a recent statement from the head of the Attorney for the Protection of the Environment of Quintana Roo, Miguel Nadal, that the animals were found “in good health and with everything necessary to guarantee their well-being.”

Zazueta stressed that personnel from Profepa will verify the poor conditions of the site in which the animals were found. He thanked Deputy Tyara Schleske, president of the Commission on Environment and Climate Change, who urged authorities to act and rescue the Croco Cun animals.

According to Alejandro Monroy Alcalá, legal representative of the real estate company Cuinba SA de CV, the company purchased the land via auction in December of 2019.

At a press conference, he said they are working to resolve the conflict that exists around the care and attention of the animals, adding that the company disclaims the accusations in relation to kidnapping, animal abuse and death by starvation of the species housed on the 1.2 hectares of land.

“Real estate entrepreneurs are not the owners of the animals, however, given the abandonment they suffered, they have cared for them and fed them, waiting for the responsible authorities to give them due fate in a place where they provide them with dignified and respectful treatment,” he said.

Alejandro Monroy Alcalá said that since 2019, the the real estate company Cuinba is the legitimate owner of lots 1 and 2 of SM 24 block 3 of Puerto Morelos, and is not aware of the existence of any litigation for said lands.

He said that after the series of events and misinformation, the real estate company Cuinba, once again, asks authorities of the Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection (Profepa) for the transfer of all animals to a place that complies with current regulations for their care and protection.