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New taxi fares likely approved this month

Cancun, Q.R. — The director of the Mobility Institute says the new fares for taxi services around the state will likely be released this month.

Jorge Pérez Pérez, general director of the Mobility Institute, said that the technical analysis for the requested rate increase has been ongoing since December, but has been delayed due to the holidays.

He explained that it will likely be this month when new rates for taxi services for 16 of the state’s unions will be announced, noting that a rate increase is not expected for Cozumel.

Pérez Pérez says that they are still working on their analysis which includes distances, yields and other factors made by the proposals of the taxi unions, adding that he does not yet know how much of an increase will be approved.

Once approved, the new taxi fares will be for the 16 unions that make up the Frente Único de Trabajadores del Volante of the state. He explained that Cozumel will not be included in any new rate hikes since they were given a rise in fare prices two years ago.