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Navy stumbles upon four clinging to coolers in sea

Zaragoza Canal, Q.R. — Four fishermen were pulled from the sea after their small vessel was overturned by strong waves in the area of the Zaragoza Canal.

La Secretaría de Marina Armada de México (SEMAR) made the rescue after spotting objects floating in the sea. The four reportedly drifted for hours among three coolers after their vessel, La Cantina, was overturned by strong swells that left them with only the coolers they had on their boat.

After being tossed into the sea, each of the men managed to cling to the coolers which kept them afloat. According to SEMAR, they performed the rescue after finding the four shipwrecked fishermen at 0.85 nautical miles (1.5 kilometers) from the access to the Zaragoza Canal.

They reported that naval personnel spotted objects floating in the water near the canal. Upon inspection, they found the four men. Once rescued, the four were transferred to the marine detachment in the Zaragoza Canal where Naval Health personnel gave them a medical evaluation and deemed to be in good health.

Many ports have restricted sea access to smaller vessels after the arrival of Cold Front 32, which has resulted in a dip in temperatures and strong wind gusts.