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National Fisheries Commission finds illegal gear and boats in Holbox waters

Holbox, Q.R. — Illegal boats and fishing equipment has been located on at least two vessels in Holbox waters.

The Secretary of the Navy through the Ninth Naval Region reported that naval personnel, in collaboration with the National Aquaculture and Fisheries Commission (Conapesca), retained boats and prohibited fishing equipment in the vicinity of Isla Holbox.

During a maritime inspection and fishing surveillance tour in the area known as La Ensenada, federal authorities inspected a small vessel, locating a compressor, 100 meters of hose, two nozzles and a compressed air tank, four pairs of fins, two belts with lead, a harpoon, as well as seven lobster tails.

The boat did not have the corresponding fishing permits and therefore, was seized by federal officials.

Conapesca also located a second similar boat in the area known as Punta Caracol. There, federal authorities inspected a second small fishing vessel finding 100 meters of hose, a nozzle and a compressed air tank, a pair of fins, a lead belt, a harpoon, two coolers and eight lobsters.

That vessel was also fishing illegally since the boat was without permits. In both cases, the boats and fishing gear on board were seized by authorities.