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Municipal head meets with angry Chiquila residents to avoid roadblock

Chiquila, Q.R. — Lázaro Cárdenas Mayor, Orlando Emir Bellos Tun, agreed to meet with angry Chiquila residents to discuss hot topics that have lead them to threaten a road block.

On Wednesday, Bellos met with the upset residents who have made several claims on ongoing abandonment by his government. Residents say that during his two years as mayor, they are constantly left out of public work projects.  

Bellos was accompanied by several members of his government to meet with residents in an attempt to reach various agreements. During talks, the municipal government agreed to the most pressing topic, which was to leave them with a properly functioning ambulance as well as medication for their clinic.

Ignacio Cáceres Correa, President of the Chiquilá Ejidal Commissariat, agreed to donate a piece of property for a hyperbaric chamber, while Bellos agreed to ensure one is provided.

Other topics of discussion included unaccounted resources from the Environmental Sanitation Law, which Bellos agreed to be allocated to improvements in Chiquilá. They also discussed the poor condition of the streets of Chiquila and the lack of traffic agents, among other topics.

Earlier this month, a group from Chiquila made an official request with state congress to apply to separate from Lázaro Cárdenas and become their own municipality.