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Motorcycle driver killed by truck on Othón P. Blanco highway

Othón P. Blanco, Q.R. — A man died Friday morning along the federal highway after being hit by a truck. The unidentified man was driving a motorcycle around 7:00 a.m. outside the community of Luis Echeverría when he was hit.

The young driver of the truck alleged responsible stopped. Witnesses called for help and were seen sitting with the man on the side of the highway while they waited for authorities.

The scene was quickly secured by police who closed the area with assistance from National Guard.

Paramedics from a responding ambulance arrived only to pronounce the man dead. The situation grew tense when nearby family members began to arrive, finding the deceased laying on the highway and the driver alleged responsible still at the scene.

Police intervened to separate the family from the driver of the pickup truck. It is not known exactly how the accident happened. Authorities have not commented on possible charges.