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More than 148,400 food baskets delivered in one week

Chetumal, Q.R. — In one week, more than 148,400 food baskets have been delivered to homes around the state to the most needy. “We are reaching the 11 municipalities of Quintana Roo to help families who need it most. It’s up to you to be home. Help us!” wrote a volunteer bridge worker.

Rocío Moreno Mendoza of the Secretaría de Desarrollo Social says over the past week, the nearly 1,000 volunteers have delivered, house-by-house, more than 148,400 food boxes throughout the state, noting the food is part of the assistance program arranged by Governor Carlos Joaquín.

On social media, some have been critical of the items inside the bags and boxes calling them inefficient, however, one social media user, Blanca Tzuc Pinzón, has stepped forward defending the program and food items being handed out for free.

She noted that inside the boxes, products that stand out include toilet paper, pasta, rice, beans, oil, powdered milk, cookies, corn flour, oats, powdered juice, etc. She is calling on people to be grateful for the government’s effort and take advantage of the pantry.

She says for those who are offended by what’s inside the box, donate it to someone else who needs it.

The government has said they will attempt another food basket delivery for those most in need. Inside the current food boxes being delivered is also a voucher for 4 kilos of gas.