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Minnesota driver arrested crossing border with loaded handguns in ‘nothing to declare’ lane

Mexicali, Baja California — National Guard have arrested an American man in Mexicali after he was found trying to enter Mexico with handguns. The unnamed Minnesota man was caught by personnel from the National Customs Agency of Mexico trying to enter the country with four loaded guns, magazines and cartridges.

His arrest took place Monday at the inspections area of Los Algodones checkpoint after attempting to drive through the “nothing to declare” lane. Although he had a green customs light, he was pulled over due to his covered truck box.

During an inspection, the gun and ammo were found. When asked for the vehicle papers and his identification, the man did not have any paperwork for the truck and produced only a driver’s license issued in the state of Minnesota.

An American driver was arrested for trying to enter Mexico with guns and ammo. Photo: Guardia Nacional January 22, 2024.

During the Customs search, personnel “located four short weapons, seven magazines and 241 useful cartridges for which the driver was detained,” National Guard reported in a statement.