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Mexico’s National Defense locates load of cocaine after it forces unidentified aircraft to land

Mapastepec, Chiapas — A small plane that was found flying in Mexico airspace was forced to land. The Secretary of National Defense says the incident happened August 5 when elements of the Mexican Army and Air Force applied the National Strategy of Public Security after discovering the unidentified aircraft from South America.

The Comprehensive Air Surveillance System of the Ministry of National Defense alerted the Reaction Forces of the Territorial Commands of the Mexican Army located on the southern border of the country and ordered the Mexican Air Force to deploy 1 Embraer EMB-145 plane, 1 King Air plane and a Helicopter Reaction Force aboard 2 UH-60 helicopters, to follow up on the unidentified aircraft.

Due to radar contact and later visual contact, it was observed that the suspicious aircraft landed 32 kilometers southeast of Mapastepec, Chiapas, where a group of people were, who, after realizing the proximity of military personnel, chose for abandoning the alleged illicit cargo and fleeing the scene.

UH-60 helicopters arrived at the landing site, transporting the heli-transported Reaction Force with elements of the Mexican Army and Air Force, who inspected the suspicious aircraft.

Inside, they located six white packages of cocaine weighing approximately 136 kilograms as well as 13 drums with 650 liters of aviation fuel. The insured was made available to the competent authorities.