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Mexico participates in intelligence field work to stop 3 ton cocaine shipment from reaching Quintana Roo

Costa Maya, Q.R. — Authorities in Honduras have reported on the seizure of a 3 ton shipment of cocaine believed destined for Mexico. On May 9, special forces located a speed boat in the open sea transporting the drugs.

According to an official report by the Ministerio Público of Honduras on May 12, the May 9 operation took place off the coast of Tegucigalpa, Francisco Morazán, where 2,787 kilos of cocaine was seized.

The drug seizure was the result of an operation between the Special Prosecutor’s Office Against Organized Crime (FESCCO), the Technical Criminal Investigation Agency (ATIC) and the Special Forces Battalion of the Honduran Naval Force after authorities were alerted to the at-sea shipment.

“This new blow to the structure of organized crime is part of the strategies in the fight against drug trafficking. Since the previous weekend, information of a possible transfer of cocaine that would reach the Caribbean coasts in Honduras was monitored and analyzed.

112 bales of cocaine were unloaded from the speed boat. Photo: Ministerio Público of Honduras May 12, 2024

“The interception of the speed boat occurred in a sector known as Thunder Knoll, a reef area in national waters which after a chase, led to the seizure of the 112 bales containing more than 2.7 tons of drugs.

“According to the FESCCO investigation through the Anti-Drug Section and agents against organized crime of the ATIC, this shipment departed from Colombia and would reach the insular department of Islas de la Bahía and later continue its route to Mexico,” the Ministerio Público reported.

The bales were found wrapped in red sacks that secured the bricks which were wrapped in additional sacks.
Photo: Ministerio Público of Honduras May 12, 2024

“To achieve this new blow to drug trafficking, an exchange of information was carried out between Honduran authorities with intelligence forces from Mexico and Colombia, with whom the information finally resulted in the interception of the boat,” they said.

Once completely unwrapped, authorities weighed the cocaine at around 3 tons. The final destination was believed Mexico.
Photo: Ministerio Público of Honduras May 12, 2024

The operation took place between the Fiscalía Especial Contra el Crimen Organizado (FESCCO), Agencia Técnica de Investigación Criminal (ATIC) and the Batallón de Fuerzas Especiales de la Fuerza Naval de Honduras that resulted in the seizure of one boat, 112 bales of cocaine (3 tons) and the arrest of three people.