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Mexico City real estate development rejected by Cancun’s Pok Ta Pok community

Cancun, Q.R. — Pok Ta Pok residents and city businessmen voiced their concerns and rejection of a construction project proposal. The new development by a Mexico City company is intended for construction on the Pok Ta Pok golf course.

To build the real estate development, the long-standing golf course would be destroyed. Neighborhood Association President Patricia Reta said that the Mexico City company intends to destroy the golf course for conversion into real estate units, a project that is not viable for Pok Ta Pok.

“A few months ago, a company from Mexico City presented a great project that is, without a doubt, a world class project, but it is in no way viable for the place where they want to do it, which is where the golf course is,” she said.

She explained that the golf course is in the center of the Cancun Hotel Zone, “where there is only one entrance and exit and where public services have been exceeded for years.”

During their meeting, area residents stressed the importance of not continuing to overload the already overloaded area with additional hotels, shops, real estate and traffic.

They also stressed their concern regarding legalities, including the density laws that govern the area’s construction as well as those of the homeowners who purchased a home with a golf course that would no longer exist.

The Pok Ta Pok group has already filed an Amparo and now have support from several authorities including the Cancun Hotel Association and the Quintana Roo Vacation Club Association, who also oppose the real estate project.