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Mexican health officials confirm five cases of Monkeypox

Mexico City, Mexico — The confirmed cases of Monkeypox in Mexico has now reached five. Health officials say as of June 14, five cases have been confirmed and that there is no anticipation of it becoming a pandemic.

“Monkeypox is an infectious disease “relative” to human smallpox that was eradicated 200 years ago. We will probably find new cases and even outbreaks, however, there is no anticipation of this becoming a pandemic. We must not let ourselves become panicked,” Hugo López-Gatell posted online.

Hugo López-Gatell, the Undersecretary of Prevention and Health Promotion, said that four of the cases have been detected in Mexico City and one in Jalisco. The Jalisco case was that of a U.S. tourist who fled back to his country after being diagnosed.

López-Gatell says that monkeypox simulates human pox and is considered an infectious disease.