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Mexican government sends plane into war torn region to rescue nationals

Mexico City, Mexico — Mexican nationals escaping war torn Ukraine are in the process of being returned to the country. On Sunday, Mexico’s Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard said that a government plane had been sent to the region for the repatriation of families of nationals.

“Operation rescue of Mexicans in Ukraine instructed by President López Obrador begins,” said the Secretary of Foreign Affairs.

On Thursday, Olga Beatriz García Guillén, Mexico’s ambassador to Ukraine, reported that 50 Mexican nationals had requested to be evacuated from Kiev and Odessa.

The official added that 225 Mexicans are registered in Ukraine, most of them in the capital.

“At the embassy, the officials are fine. All the families have reported to us that they are fine. We have no evidence that anyone has had any mishaps due to this situation,” the representative specified.

The plane that transports the nationals was sent to Romania following an order from President Andrés Manuel López Obrador who said that no Mexican will be trapped in the conflict zone.

“We are going to get them all out. Governments are helping us, diplomats are helping us. The Secretary of Defense is helping through the Mexican Air Force so that our countrymen can be transferred to the country,” he said.

However, approximately 90 Mexicans who have not been able to cross into Romania due to the imposed curfew remain in Ukraine.

On Sunday, a Mexican Air Force (FAM) plane took off for Romania to repatriate Mexicans who left Ukraine due to the Russian invasion. The Boeing 737-800 left the Military Air Base located next to the Mexico City International Airport (AICM).

The aircraft will make stops in Ontario, Canada and the city of Shannon, Ireland, before landing at Bucharest International Airport, Romania. The Mexicans are expected to arrive in Mexico City on March 2.