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Mayor tours Puerto Morelos construction sites to ensure new normal protocols

Puerto Morelos, Q.R. — With the reopening of construction, the mayor of Puerto Morelos made a tour of sites ensuring the strict prevention protocols are being followed.

“We are entering a new normal that forces us to adopt new health and safety measures in which no one can fail,” says the mayor of Puerto Morelos, Laura Fernández. “Around the country, the restriction for construction has been lifted and employees of other essential activities are also allowed to go to their work centers,” she noted.

Accompanied by the secretaries of Urban Development and Ecology and of Economic Development and Tourism, Tirso Esquivel Ávila and Héctor Tamayo Sánchez respectively, the mayor confirmed the reopening of projects at the start of the new normal in Mexico on Monday, which has allowed the resumption of essential activities such as the construction industry.

In the municipality of Puerto Morelos, there is currently the construction of four hotels and two residential developments being carried out, which before the health emergency employed more than 2,500 people, but now with preventive measures to avoid crowds and respect healthy distances, only 1,200 workers, divided into shifts, are employed.

“We are entering a new normal in Puerto Morelos in Quintana Roo and throughout Mexico, which forces us to adopt new health and safety protocols in which no one can fail, because if that happens, we would close all activities and have to start again to reactivate gradually,” she stressed.

She said that for this reason, it is important to tour and verify that the construction companies follow the established guidelines to a T, and to those who have committed to restart activities, they can only have a certain number of employees per shift, all of whom must wear face masks, not lend their work tools and design a route for the entry and exit of personnel.

Other protocols include taking the temperature of workers when they enter the buildings, washing of hands at the entrance to their work and throughout the day, and ensuring healthy distance in spaces intended for eating.

She noted that a fifth case has been detected in Puerto Morelose. “We continue with a red light and that speaks to the risk we are facing,” she said adding “that starting next week, if conditions allow, it will be possible to start with the gradual and orderly reactivation of other essential activities including tourism.”