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Maya Train tour packages promoted to large German rail tourist operator

Riviera Maya, Q.R. — More than 60 Maya Train tourist packages were promoted to German travel companies during the recent fair in Berlin. Miguel Torruco Marqués, the Secretary of Tourism of the Government of Mexico, reported that a proposal with 64 package options through the 20 Maya Train stations was delivered to Lernidee Trenes and Cruceros, one of the main tourist train package operators in the world.

Along with the tourist package proposals was also updated Maya Train project progress. He reported that the tour packages were carried out by consensus with travel agents, guides and tourism officials from the states of Chiapas, Tabasco, Campeche, Yucatán and Quintana. Roo.

Torruco Marqués specified that these package options optimize the use of existing tourist infrastructure, products and services in 40 municipalities and 181 localities, which will be complemented by the construction of six Maya Train hotels that will be located at different points along the route.

Torruco Marqués explained that the catalog of packages includes 117 attractions of cultural and nature tourism that travelers can enjoy for one to three nights in any given area of the Maya Train stations.

Maya Train travelers can also spend the night aboard the train as they visit attractions along the route such as the 14 Magical Towns, six World Heritage Sites, 18 indigenous paradises, 50 archaeological zones among other destinations.

Torruco Marqués says the Maya Train will consist of 42 trains and 219 cars which will be complemented by suggestions of “The Menus of the Mayan Train Route” made up of 30 of the most representative dishes of the states of the Mexican southeast.

The train’s menu is being designed with advice of Chef Jorge Orozco, which so far includes more than 30 dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner, such as chipilín tamales, motuleño eggs, panuchos, cochinita pibil, venison tzic , lime soup, stuffed cheese and papadzules, to name a few.

The train’s dessert menu will consist of traditional marquesitas, the artisanal chocolates, the chocolate cocada and the dulce de nance and regional drinks such as coffee, pozol, water and chaya tea, the pitahaya and lime waters, the xtabentún, the mistela or the Riviera Maya cocktail and the Mexican must-haves such as tequila, mezcal, wine, pulque and craft beers.