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Mandate Revocation Consultation successful says AMLO

Mexico City, Mexico — On Monday, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador called the Mandate Revocation Consultation a success after receiving 90 percent positive votes.

“It was a complete success. We are facing a historical fact. It is something unprecedented in the history of our country. For the first time a consultation is made to citizens so that they decide on the government of the president, the one that leads or the one that leaves, reaffirming that the people are the ones in charge,” he said.

He also thanked those who voted for his government to continue in office.

“It was a party everywhere. (…) Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart and we are going to continue until September 2024 if the creator, nature, science decides it to be because the people want it,” he said adding that “we are going forward to deepen the transformation of our country.”

According to data from INE, only 17.6 percent of eligible Mexican citizens participated in the April 10 vote, lower than the 40 percent required to ensure a binding result.

“We think that 40 percent participation is very high, now many people participated, but it did not exceed 18 percent, so it could be reduced to 30 and if it can be 20, that would be better,” he said about the 17.6 percent of voter turnout.

A quick count by INE Monday morning showed a 91.8 percent “yes” in favor of AMLO remaining in office for the duration of his term, which will last until September of 2024.