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Mahahual to receive largest road investment in upcoming municipal projects

Mahahual, Q.R. — Approximately 20 million pesos is being invested in road infrastructure around the municipality of Othón P. Blanco. Of that, the town of Mahahual will receive the largest investment.

Othón P. Blanco Mayor Yensunni Martínez Hernández says the 20 million will be divided into 12 projects around the municipality.

“The government continues to work hand-in-hand to make a real change,” Martínez Hernández said at a press conference to announce the rural construction projects.

Towns that are included in the project include Nuevo Bécar, Francisco Villa, Jesús González Ortega, Sergio Butrón Casas, Ucum, Carlos A. Madrazo, Allende, Álvaro Obregón UA, Pucté, San Francisco Botes, La Unión and Mahahual.

The project will include the construction of streets in towns where, according to Martínez Hernández, “there were no streets and for more than 30 years” and that “it has been one of the heartfelt demands of society.”

She said the first stage of the project includes just over 20.4 million for the 12 projects, which will be completed by the three companies Aerial and Subway Linemen, Pavimentos, Maquinarias y Proyectos de Quintana Roo and Jonh Hernández Domínguez.

The project investments start at 1.1 million pesos for the community of Nuevo Bécar and expand to 4.6 million pesos for the community of Mahahual, the largest amount being spent.

Martínez Hernández did not provide an official start date for the projects.