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Mahahual businessmen request additional anti-sargassum barriers from navy

Mahahual, Q. R. — Businessmen in Mahahual have requested more than an additional kilometer of anti-sargassum barrier for their coast. Since the current situation is low sargassum, it is a good time to install additional barriers says Mahahual restaurant representative Luis Gómez Buenfil.

Gómez Buenfil says the request for the additional barriers has already been made directly to the navy, who are in charge of the state’s sargassum monitoring.

He says the extra barrier could be used to create an additional 150 meters of beach area as an attraction for tourists.

“We want the three ravines in the southern part of Mahahual to be covered because after 150 meters from the fishing pier, it becomes a dead zone due to so much sargassum.

“A total of one-and-a-half kilometers of sargassum barrier is needed. We have already asked the navy, so now we are just waiting for an answer,” he explained.