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Mahahual and other tourists areas in the south report increase in visitors

Mahahual, Q.R. — Tourist areas in the southern region of the state have reported an increase in tourists. Apolinar Gómez Cruz, president of the Integradora de Servicios Turísticos de los Restauranteros of Chetumal, says there has been a noticeable increase of around 50 percent.

In particular, areas such as Calderitas, Laguna Milagros in the town of Huay Pix, Xul Há and Mahahual have all reported increased tourism for the current holiday season. He says aside from international tourism, local families are also part of those figures, taking advantage of the long weekend and sunny days to enjoy local activities.

“This Easter is different from the previous one now with the progress of the Covid-19 pandemic. Families have greater confidence in going to public places like restaurants and that helps us to have income,” he said.

“These other places are close to Chetumal where people can go to enjoy the food and natural activities that are available,” added Gómez, referring to the city residents.

“Calderitas continues to be an attraction for swimmers and diners. We are seeing a good influx of people in the establishments where people can enjoy specialized seafood dishes of fish and shellfish,” he added.

Mahahual mayor William Calderón Sánchez says the port of Mahahual has been busy and is expected to remain that way during the long weekend. He also said that some hotels have reported high occupancy rates, which are expected to peak from Good Friday to Easter Sunday.

He also mentioned that the beaches are free of sargassum, despite the fact that a few days ago, there was a massive landfall.

“The day before yesterday we received a very strong blow, but fortunately we have a fairly strong team from the City Council and a staff who are hired for temporary jobs to carry out work on the issue, so most of the beaches are clean,” he said.