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Legislature working to return former officers turned escorts to state streets

Chetumal, Q.R. — The Legislature of Quintana Roo is working to reform a state law that will see former officials have their private protection detail removed after three years.

State Deputy Candy Ayuso says they are working to reform the law so that more police officers, who perform this private detail service, are returned to the streets. She says given the ongoing police shortage, it is important that officers are put back on the streets to perform their public duty rather than private detail.

Ayuso added that they are looking to modify the law to not only limit the private protection to former official to three years, but those who request the protection must prove that it is required by proving their life is endangered.

She said many Quintana Roo agents from the Quintana Roo Public Security Secretariat act as commissioners to public officials and end up performing domestic chores including chauffeuring, far from their tasks for which they were hired.

Ayuso says at this time, not even the Secretary of State Public Security knows how many police officers are assigned to escort tasks, but they are aware that some have been performing the service for 12 years.

She says that these police officers should be on the streets given the alarming figures of insecurity that exist, since according to INEGI, 70 percent of Cancun citizens feel insecure, while in Chetumal, that figure is 60 percent.

“It seems unfair to me that from previous administrators there are people, who for 12 years, stopped being an official but have escorts and provide other services when citizens feel insecure,” she said.