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Kitchen fire in Holbox restaurant causes minimal damage

Holbox, Q.R. — A kitchen gas leak inside an island restaurant caused minimal damage to its wooden structure. On Sunday afternoon, Cancun fireman were requested on the island to help with a fire that started in a kitchen area.

When firemen arrived at the Damero Avenue location, it was to a smoldering roof. An out of control gas fire below the wooden roof caused it to catch fire, which began to burn through a small section of the restaurant’s roof.

Firemen were able to climb on top of the restaurant to douse the dry sticks with water, which in turn, stopped additional burning. A small blackened section that began to burn through was left as a mark of the afternoon event.

Alejandro de Jesús Erosa Betancourt, Municipal Civil Protection Director for Benito Juarez, said 17 restaurant employees were evacuated from the scene.

He said the restaurant was kept under surveillance for several hours to ensure there was no reburn. He stated that there were no injuries reported, only material damage. Civil Protection remained at the scene to determine the official cause of the fire.