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Joaquin says no additional tourist taxes for 2021

Cancun, Q.R. — Governor Carlos Joaquín González says there will not be additional taxes implemented into the state’s tourist sector next year, noting a discrepancy in public information.

During an interview with morning news Pulso AM, Joaquin acknowledged some discrepancies in President Andrés Manuel López Obrador’s report on economic matters.

He says that although there are many differences with the federation regarding employment and economic development in the country, there is progress, however, everything needs to be reviewed since the state requires additional income to be able to comply with commitments.

“There is much to do. It is a different way of governing where priority is given to direct social and assistance programs from the federation where state participation has been limited,” he said.

“We have had a significant decrease in revenues which forces us to seek solutions to meet the commitments that states have. More coordination and teamwork is necessary,” he added.

During his interview, he explained that there will not be any tax increases on hotel rates, airlines, or in short, on the provision of tourist services or on payrolls, only outsourcing companies were mentioned.

“What is sought is to avoid that taxes are evaded through this situation,” he said regarding tourist companies who outsource to avoid taxes. Joaquin said that there are no additional taxes planned for Quintana Roo residents, and that talk about these types of increases is not true.