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Jellyfish alerts issued for two Playa del Carmen beaches

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — Civil Protection are warning swimmers about the ongoing presence of jellyfish off two Playa del Carmen beaches. The “jellies” have been recorded in some swimming areas around Playa del Carmen since late November, creating the municipal alert.

On Tuesday, a young swimmer was left with sting marks on his lower leg after coming into contact with tentacles. On duty lifeguards assisted with the non life threatening sting by removing the tentacles. While stings have not been frequently reported, they have been known to occur in waters off Playa 88 and Punta Esmeralda.

After this latest sting, the SPC (Secretaría de Protección Civil, Prevención de Riesgos y Bomberos) of Solidaridad has issued a new alert about the continued presence of the jellyfish (agua mala).

“Due to the weather conditions and the lack of current in the sea, Agua Mala bites have been reported on beach 88 and in Punta Esmeralda. If you have an emergency, go to the lifeguards and follow their recommendations,” the SPC of Solidaridad reported.

On Tuesday, a minor received a severe sting to his lower left leg after coming into contact with a jellyfish.

A minor was left with sting marks after coming into contact with a jellyfish Tuesday. Photo: SPC March 12, 2024.

“Lifeguards provided first aid to a minor due to a Agua Mala sting, removing the tentacles attached to the skin. He was recommended to go to a medical center for evaluation,” the SPC said Tuesday.

SPC personnel issued a new reminder of the jellies that continue to appear. To date, authorities have reported human contact with the jellyfish only at Playa 88 and Punta Esmeralda in Playa del Carmen.