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Interjet president arrested on warrant for generic fraud

Mexico City, Mexico — Alejandro del Valle, the president and major shareholder of Interjet, was arrested Thursday morning in Mexico City. The Attorney General’s Office of Mexico City reported that agents completed an arrest warrant against the businessman for his probable participation in the commission of the crime of generic fraud.

Alejandro del Valle acquired 90.4 percent of Interjet’s shares from the Alemán Family in mid-2020. In December 2020, the shareholders’ council of ABC Aerolíneas, better known as Interjet, officially appointed Alejandro del Valle as the new president of the company.

The now-detained Alejandro N has been transferred to a Mexico City prison where he awaits his day in court.

In July of this year, a Mexico City judge ordered the freezing of assets and arrest of its founder Miguel Alemán Magnani on charges of tax fraud for nearly 65 million peso. Magnani remains at large. The Interjet airline company stopped flying in December of 2019.