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Interjet Cancun flights canceled due to shortage of staff

Cancun, Q.R. — More than a dozen flights were canceled by Mexico’s Interjet airline this weekend due to staff shortages, affecting passengers heading to and from Cancun.

Eduardo Rivadeneyra Núñez, spokesman and head of Public Relations said that 12 of the canceled flights were Mexico City-Cancun while one was a Mexico City-Cancun-Toronto flight. In total, 13 flights were affected by the company’s lack of staff.

By regulation, flights cannot operate without a minimum number of personnel, according to the Civil Aviation Law. In recent weeks, Interjet has had problems in contractual negotiations with its workforce.

Since Saturday, 13 varying arriving and departing flights involving Cancun were canceled.

Several weeks ago during the International Association of Air Transport in the City of Mexico, the company’s CEO, William Shaw warned that “the airline is sick”, and without an agreement to work, the condition could worsen. He explained that they were in continued negotiations with workers.

Miguel Alemán Magnani, Interjet general director, pointed out risks for the company due to the financial situation it is going through.

“Since Saturday, some flights have been canceled due to a combination of factors — operational movements, delays in flight itineraries and natural weekend demand, which has generated a domino effect in subsequent operations,” he said through a statement.

The Procuraduría General del Consumidor (Profeco) has since requested the airline make effective remedies to the 4,722 passengers affected by flight cancellation attributable to the provider with the refund the price of the ticket or offer substitute transportation on the first available flight.