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Interjet announces temporary halt to international flights

Mexico City, Mexico — Faced with the global COVID-19 health crisis, Mexican airline Interjet announced that as of Tuesday, March 24, the airline will temporarily halt international flights.

Interjet says they will discontinue international flights until the regulatory restrictions that have been imposed in various countries are lifted. “Our company has been in close communication with airport and health authorities in Mexico and those countries where we fly, always putting health and safety first,” said William Shaw, CEO of Interjet.

“Acting responsibly and in a timely manner, we are suspending the operation of our international routes. This measure will be subject to the regulatory restrictions that each country imposes and the demand for each flight. We will continue to fly home, connecting Mexico during this contingency, uniting families and bringing support and hope,” Shaw said on behalf of the company.

“The airline appreciates the understanding of the passengers and informs them that as soon as conditions allow, it will resume normal operations,” he added.

Shaw highlighter that Interjet will continue to operate domestic flights. Internationally, Interjet services the United States, Canada, Costa Rica, Guatemala, El Salvador, Cuba, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru.