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Indian pedestrian arrested at Quintana Roo border carrying equivalent of half a million in Mexico pesos

Othon P. Blanco, Q. R. — Mexican Customs along with National Guard detained an Indian national after he was found with more than half a million pesos in various currencies. In a statement, the SSPC said the man was found in possession of unclaimed U.S. and Belizean dollars as well as Indian rupees and Mexican pesos.

The unidentified man from India was arrested July 17 by members of the National Guard in coordination with the National Customs Agency of Mexico at the Southern Quintana Roo border. He was arriving by foot from neighboring Belize.

The man was detained at the southern border after trying to enter Mexico with the equivalent of more than half a million pesos in currencies from different countries. According to the SSPC, he was without the corresponding tax declaration required to carry the cash.

“During security and surveillance at the Subteniente López customs facilities in the municipality of Othon P. Blanco, elements of the institutions carried out a routine check on a person from India who crossed through the area pedestrian.

“In the foreigner’s hand luggage, wads of national currency bills were found and when asked if he had more money with him, he took more cash from under his clothes, accounting for $30,040 USD, $870 Belizean dollars, 1,430 Indian rupees and 53,640 in national currency. The sum is equivalent to more than half a million Mexican pesos, which he did not declare with the Tax Administration Service (SAT), thereby violating article 9 of the Customs Law.”