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In exchange for staying at home, governor says state will support citizens

Cancun, Q.R. — UPDATED: State Governor Carlos Joaquín announced that in return for people staying at home, five measures will be implemented to support Quintana Roo residents during the stay-at-home contingency.

Food baskets: He says more than 467,000 homes will receive food baskets, which will be delivered house-by-house. For those who live in poverty, in coordination with municipal presidents, we will deliver food house-by-house. Priority will also be given to those who have lost their jobs or whose income has decreased, which he adds, is more than 500,000 homes across the state.

Electricity: He explained as for utilities, the government will pay for one month (March 16 to April 16) of electricity to those who consume up to 250 kilowatt-hours during that period. As extraordinary support, the state government will sign an agreement with CFE to pay half of the bi-monthly receipt of more than 467,000 households that maintain consumption, which represents almost 68 percent of the users in the state. For those who cannot pay after that, the government will ensure the service is not cut.

Water: He added that water suppliers CAPA and Aguakán have agreed to not cut services, but instead, will provide discounts and deferred payments and exemptions for those most in need.

Gas: Carlos Joaquin added that to help residents, the state government will distribute vouchers for 4 kilos of gas. He explained that the state has made an agreement with gas companies with vouchers of 4 kilos of gas during the month of April to the 400,000 who need it most.

Doctors: The government will be with you at home to take care of the health of the whole family. To take care of your physical health, the programs Doctor in your House, The Caravans of Health and direct online consultations are working. Psychological services, he pointed out, will also be made available 24-hours-per-day at Emergency 911 where 200 psychologists will be ready to support those who suffer from anxiety, depression and anguish.

For those that comply and stay at home, he says the government will be with you so that there is food on the family table. To maintain the general supply, we have agreed with supermarkets, convenience stores, pharmacies, water bottlers and tortillerías to keep operating with adequate services and also with home delivery.

UPDATE: In his initial address, Governor Carlos Joaquin said he would work on keeping electricity connected for those who were unable to pay, however, on April 10, the CFE said only in extreme situations will they allow nonpayment.

Director General of the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) Manuel Bartlett says given the situation, the possibility of postponing payment could be contemplated. He said CFE has to buy fuel to generate electricity so there will be no forgiveness for non-payment. He mentioned that he will attend to specific cases, but forgiveness is not a general rule.