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In a virtual meeting, AMLO, Biden discuss migration, economy, covid and climate change

Mexico City, Mexico — A virtual meeting held Monday between President Andrés Manuel López Obrador and US President Joe Biden highlighted issues of migration, economic cooperation, fighting COVID-19 and climate change.

In a joint statement, they said mutual respect and the family bond that unites countries and friendship was highlighted during their conversation. They have pledged to work to combat the COVID-19 outbreak, revitalize economic cooperation and explore areas of collaboration in the face of climate change.

On the issue of migration, both presidents recognized the contributions of migrants to the economy, cultural diversity and innovative spirit among countries, for which they committed to promote migration policies that recognize the dignity of migrants.

Both countries have also agreed to collaborate in a joint effort to address the root causes behind regional migration, improve management and develop legal pathways for migration.

Mexico and the US will collaborate with the governments, civil society and the private sector to promote equitable and sustainable economic development, combat corruption and improve cooperation in matter of law enforcement against transnational criminal smuggling networks.

In the statement, both governments have also agreed to deepen cooperation based on improvements in public health capacities, information exchange and the development of border policies regarding the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.