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Imoveqroo suggests Cancun combis run only side street routes as part of new mobility plan

Cancun, Q.R. — Quintana Roo’s Mobility Institute (Imoveqroo) has suggested removing combis from Cancun’s main streets. The Institute has suggested instead, to allow combis to run routes only on side streets.

“The combis are necessary but as feeders of the main routes,” said Imoveqroo head Rodrigo Alcazar. “It is not about removing anyone, but reordering them and changing the modality,” he said regarding the new city mobility plan.

He says there are currently around 1,100 combi units circulating Cancun streets, 800 of which have state concessions and 300 with city licenses. He says part of the problem is the lack of organization throughout the state, which he says, is an urgent matter.

Alcazar clarified that there are not any illegal or pirate combis operating in the city, but it is the lack of order that has caused friction within the public transportation service.

“We do not have irregularities in municipal public transport, we have disorder,” he said adding that work needs to be done between the state and city to reduce the number of circulating combis on Cancun’s main avenues in order to improve the public service and reduce the number of accidents since the drivers often compete for passengers due to the large number of circulating units.