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Holbox to remove 200 tourists to self isolate during contingency

Holbox, Q.R. — The Holbox Development Council will provide transportation to just over 200 tourists who still remain in the area to “get them out” and see them returned to their countries.

Enrique Ramírez Borras, president of the organization said the goal is to have all 200 tourists moved from the island of Holbox on Tuesday in the framework of the present contingency.

He explained that the tourists have expressed a desire to return to their homes and “that is why we are going to see how to get them out Tuesday morning, so that they can go to Cancun where there is more health care or they can go to their embassies to get a flight to return to their nations.”

He pointed out that the objective is to keep the island isolated for a period of 15 days where only native residents of Holbox can enter since, in the event of a coronavirus case, they do not have adequate medical facilities.

“We, in those 15 days, are going to be totally isolated. Nobody will come to the island to spread contagions,” he added, noting that people who live there will not leave their homes after 11:00 p.m. as a preventive measure “and we want to continue like this.

“Better times will come, but now is a time to take care of ourselves to avoid contagion. Until now, the entire municipality is free of the disease,” he said.