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Holbox officially regulating street vendors

Holbox, Q.R. — Officials on Holbox say that it’s time to regulate the traveling salesmen that set up shop on the island.

Holbox head Marvin Martín Pérez Jiménez, says that they are going to begin requiring personal information from those wanting to sell items. Information such as proof of address and official identification is going to be required.

He says that with so many non-local street vendors, local islanders are on alert since they do not know the people.

“This situation puts the families of Holbox Island on alert because they do not know what people they are dealing with and that is why it is important to put street vendors in order,” he explained.

Pérez Jiménez says that 26 palapa stalls have been created in an area called Paseo Sak-Beh on Pedro Joaquín Coldwell Street where vendors will be able to sell their products and thus avoid congestion, which gives the island a bad image.

He added that some vendors did rebel against the regulation, but it’s necessary to ensure the safety of all who live and visit the island.